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What needs to be said about Essential Oils

November 21, 2018

What I’m about to say may upset many people, but I feel like it is a topic that is needed. Over 15 years ago I discovered essential oils/aromatherapy. Back then there were limited online sources and buying in store was limited to my local health food store. I was also the only one in my circle of friends who used them much,…

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General Topics

13 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Preppers

November 13, 2018

Want to get that person in your life something useful? Here are some ideas for items I’ve gotten for my own family at different times. Some may be better suited as full blown gifts, depending on your budget, or great as stocking stuffers. 1. Solar Charger I’ve bought a number of these (various brands, same style) over the years for…

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Cleaning & Hygiene, Water Purification & Storage

Biodegradable Soap — What to do with gray water?

September 24, 2018

Any consideration of emergency situations means planning for potentially not having modern conveniences like running water and sewers. The following information allows you to be mindful and prevent impact on the environment as much as possible. Gray water is the waste water from general washing. It’s not sewage but contains soaps which can affect the natural balance of bacteria in…

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Update on The Pill Club (from the Getting a Stockpile of Birth Control post!)

September 20, 2018

One of the options mentioned in the original post was The Pill Club, a birth control service that allows you to get a valid prescription and place an order for birth control pills via their website and text messages. My own prescription was needing renewal so I gave this service a go. Costs: (all prices below are without insurance coverage): $15…

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Economics & Money

Prepping with Coins and Precious Metal Bullion

August 22, 2018

Normally when we think of precious metals like gold or silver we are thinking about things like their use in jewelry or currency. They are valuable in other ways too, including uses in the manufacturing of electronics. If you want to stockpile items for trade, precious metals are time tested items of value. Coin Melt Values It’s a common misconception…

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Medical, Women's Topics

Getting a stockpile of birth control

July 31, 2018

Women have been giving birth to babies for millenia, and usually a woman can do it without complication. From studying genealogy I’ve repeatedly seen women who have had 12+ pregnancies and then lived to old age. Pregnancy takes a toll on the body though and carries substantial risks when there isn’t access to good medical care. So for us women…

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Cleaning & Hygiene, Women's Topics

Reusable Menstrual Products

July 17, 2018

I’ve seen some people try to stockpile enough disposable products to outlast any potential emergencies. Disposables aren’t smart or healthy. Many preppers or SHTF resources act like in end of the world scenarios disposable products would be worth their weight in gold, but they wouldn’t be. We can see in third world countries now what happens when they aren’t available or…

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Cleaning & Hygiene

Cleaning your MOLLE gear

July 5, 2018

Recently when travelling to see family on an Army base I decided to check out the local military surplus shops. I’m not sure why these places tend to be so (in my view) expensive, but after checking out some google reviews on the local options I lucked out and found a place with lots of affordable gear. Frankly, it’s probably…

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General Topics

Tools of the Trade

May 25, 2018

Okay, so the title is a bit of a pun — but not entirely. The list below is ideas for tools that you should keep in your preps, preferably ready to go in the event you need to leave suddenly. You may see some overlap with certain items which are already on other lists. Additionally, if you have skills that…

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