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Update on The Pill Club (from the Getting a Stockpile of Birth Control post!)

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One of the options mentioned in the original post was The Pill Club, a birth control service that allows you to get a valid prescription and place an order for birth control pills via their website and text messages. My own prescription was needing renewal so I gave this service a go.

Costs: (all prices below are without insurance coverage):
$15 for the initial consult which asks health questions and during which process the doctor writes a prescription.
$54.60 for 13 packs of the mini pill (progestin only pill). This includes any tax and there was no shipping charge.

It took probably 2-3 days for the original questions and prescription, then once I gave the okay on my order it took about a week for them to charge my card, send out the order, and it arrive on my door. They did say that to buy morning after pills would be $15 for one or $20 for two which is considerably cheaper than at the local drugstore or on Amazon. I didn’t add that to this order though.

The contents of the package I received is shown in the picture here and were: the 13 packs of birth control pills, 4 samples of chocolates, 2 condoms, some stickers, pad/tampon samples, and a little info booklet. So all in all what I was expecting, allowing me to know I’m covered for the next year on birth control, plus a couple odds and ends I was able to add to my stockpile (except the chocolate and stickers, which I gave to my family). I’m quite pleased!

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