Pet’s Emergency Bag

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If an emergency occurs, your furry friends will need supplies too. This list varies widely depending on what type of animal you have, but some generic recommendations are:

At least two weeks of food. Keep some extra food on hand and rotate it out as your pets it eat so if there were an emergency, the emergency food is still pretty fresh. Also learn what makes a good bland diet food if your pet gets an upset stomach (for dogs a good option that will probably be available from your human stock pile consists of white rice and unseasoned beef or chicken).

Extra collar and leash, if applicable. This will be especially important if you have to evacuate your home (like during a hurricane) and need to be able to keep pet calm and controlled in an unfamiliar place and/or around strange people. If you have a cat or small animal, a small pet carrier may be a good addition.

Extra doses of medications. Keep extra medication on hand and/or learn what may be done to help your pet’s condition in the event medication is unavailable.

Medical records, including proof of any vaccinations. Depending on the emergency, this can be especially important. You may need to prove your pet has had key vaccines like for Rabies, or if you get separated from each other it may help to have the microchip information with you.

Treats. Just like with people, stressful situations make comfort items all the more important.

Toys, for mental stimulation and comfort! Try to pick something that is quality and will last awhile, like a Kong for dogs. Avoid toys that may cause health issues in an already bad situation. For example, if I gave my German Shepherd a stuffed animal she would have it torn to shreds within two minutes and will have ingested half the stuffing after another thirty seconds.

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