Master Prep List

Starting out your prepping and not sure what all to start out with? Or have you been prepping for awhile and trying to identify gaps you might have? Here is a general outline I use for planning along with some post suggestions for more information and in depth lists. You can also click the link directly below for a PDF checklist with similar content.

1. Fire

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Matches, Strikers, Lighters, Tinder see post: Fire

2. Food

2.1. Core Food Supply

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Proteins, fruits, veggies, etc. Core Food Storage

2.2. Other Food Items

Calculator: Core Food Storage
Spices, sugar, salt, etc. Other Food Items

2.3. Cookware

Choosing Cookware
2.3.1. Related Tools

2.4. Recipes

3. Water

3.1. Water requirements

see post: Intro to Water

3.2. Filtration methods

3.1. Safe storage

4. Shelter

4.1. Tent/Tarp/Hammocks

4.2. Bedding

Sleeping bags, Hammock quilts, Emergency mylar blankets, Other blankets

4.3. Other warmth

Hot hands or refillable hand warmer

5. Tools

5.1. Light sources

see post: Tools of the Trade
Flashlight, Light sticks, Candles, Headlamp

5.2. Navigation

Compass, Maps, tools like pace beads or similar

5.3. Protection

5.3.1. Guns
Ammo, Cleaning supplies, Accessories/Holsters
5.3.2. Knives
Knife sharpener
5.3.3. Archery
5.3.4. Other protection

5.4. Power

5.4.1. Generators
5.4.2. Batteries
5.4.3. Solar Chargers/Solar Panels
5.4.4. Propane
5.4.5. Gas
5.4.6. Diesel
5.4.7. Kerosene

5.5. Fishing

5.6. Hunting

5.7. Trapping

5.8. Gardening

5.8.1. Seeds
5.8.2. Reference books

5.9. Sewing/Mending

5.10. Transportation

5.10.1. Car emergency kit
5.10.2. Bicycles or alternate means of transportation

5.11. Miscellaneous Tools

Rope, ax/hatchet, shovel/trowel, duct tape, pliers/leatherman/multitool, radio, whistle, wet bags/extra ziplocs, work gloves

6. Clothing

6.1. Basic clothing

Short sleeve shirt, long sleeve shirt, long pants, change of underwear, extra regular socks

6.2. Poncho

Something waterproof for rainy weather which can be layered over warm or cold weather clothing

6.3. Jacket

Thin enough to be rolled/folded up and fit in a bag but warm enough to keep you warm with other layers

6.4. Hat/gloves/warmer socks

Items for cold weather

6.5. PPE/Personal Protective Gear

7. Medical

7.1. Basic First Aid

A kit for minor cuts and scrapes which you can build on from there. see post: Medical Kit/First Aid

7.2. Medical Supplies

Additional supplies to treat a wider range of problems. See our article for a list.

7.3. Dental

Items like a temporary filling kit or orajel

7.4. Vision

Saline solution for eyes, backup glasses, eye drops

8. Entertainment/Sentimental

8.1. Books, possibly Kindle or other e-reader

A small solar charger goes well with an e-reader

8.2. Small photo album

8.3. Deck of cards or small travel games

8.4. Notepad and pen/pencils

9. Personal Records/Official Documents

9.1. Birth certificates, marriage certificate, and social security cards

9.2. Medical records, including vaccination records

9.3. Digital backups of family photos and/or important documents

10. Hygiene

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Cleaning Your MOLLE Gear
Reusable Menstrual Products

10.1. Personal Hygiene/Self Care

10.2. Washing Laundry

10.3. Washing Dishes

10.4. Feminine Care

11. Special Considerations

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Baby’s Emergency Bag
Should I stockpile bottles and formula?
Kid’s Emergency Bag
Pet’s Emergency Bag
Prepping for Pregnancy

11.1. Babies

11.1.1. Formula use in disasters
11.1.2. Cloth diapering

11.2. Kids

11.3. Pets

11.4. Pregnancy

12. Preparations for Specific Emergency Scenarios

12.1. Hurricane

12.2. Earthquake

12.3. Tornado

12.4. Flood

12.5. Pandemic

12.6. Cyber Attack

12.7. Terrorist Attack

12.8. Economic Collapse

12.9. Nuclear Attack

12.10. Grid Down/Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)

13. Valuables

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13.1. Cash

13.2. Precious Metals

13.3. Cryptocurrency

13.4. Items for Trade