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Do you wear glasses?

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About a year ago I finally accepted the fact that I needed glasses. When that happened I went out and bought a couple extra glasses repair kits to stow in our various bags just in case. Well last week just in case happened.
No, it wasn’t SHTF. It was rambunctious children and a lost screw.

So I went in search of the repair kits I’d bought and set aside. That’s when I learned what I’m guessing some of you know and some don’t. Glasses screws aren’t universal. You’d think that they would be, but that’d apparently be too easy. None of the screws in my kit (which included multiple sizes!) would fit in my glasses and I ended up going to a local shop that offered free repairs and had a bunch of random screws on hand to find one that fit. In some ways it felt like my preparations had been pointless, but I learned something valuable. If I hadn’t had those on hand already, I would have gotten my glasses fixed and then bought the kit after the fact and put it in my bag and not thought about it again until there potentially WAS an emergency. As it is I learned something valuable which I can address now while it’s not a big deal.

Moral of the story: If you wear glasses, make sure you have extra screws that actually fit your glasses.


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