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Baby’s Emergency Bag

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Do you have a new baby, one on the way, or know it’s possible in the near future? All three are good reasons to have an emergency bag for babies. It’s important to keep this as lightweight as feasibly possible because as a parent you’re going to be carrying your own emergency bag, the baby’s emergency bag, AND the baby. Not to mention caring for any other children or pets that can’t quite fend for themselves. Supplies do very little good if they are too bulky to take with you. The actual list is below, but first I wanted to explain why my list is the way it is.

There are some items that can do double duty to avoid waste. Some people are tempted to pack things like rice cereal or jars of pureed baby food, but these aren’t necessary. Just stock up on freeze dried fruits, veggies, meats, etc. You can easily crush the amount needed to powder and add a little at a time until you get the desired consistency, making baby foods as needed easily and quickly. If they end up not needed during the window of time baby eats those things, they’ll still be usable food stores for your family. No waste!

On the list below, I include about a week worth of disposable diaper products and then some cloth diapers and laundry supplies. Why? Frankly, if the emergency situation is long term then stocking up on disposables will take up a lot of space (at least 2,000 diapers for the first year) that won’t be easy to take with you if you need to leave your home. There will also be issues with disposal since diapers aren’t exactly compostable. With my first child I stocked up on diapers during pregnancy whenever I found a good price and had what should have been “enough” for the first year. It was terrific in theory but in practice she didn’t outgrow the sizes in the time I thought she would, so I wound up with extra small diapers that wouldn’t fit on her and a lack of larger diapers when needed. You can buy cloth diapers that are adjustable so by putting a stash in your emergency bag you can be fairly confident they’ll fit if/when needed.

Another issue is the topic of whether or not to stockpile formula and bottles. I feel like this topic isn’t as cut and dry as some people make it sound, so I’d rather give you some information to think on and let you decide how much, if any, and what kind to store. Please click here to read that information as it is a bit longer than I wanted to include on this page.

  • No need for baby food, just stock lots of freeze dried foods that can easily be powdered if baby food is needed or left intact if not. No waste!
  • Laundry supplies for clothes and diapers
  • Small number of disposable diapers/wipes in case washing cloth is impractical
  • Ring sling or other carrier
  • Pacifier
  • Couple toys
  • Address risks/benefit of formula storage
  • Basic set of clothes in a couple sizes (these can be rolled up and not take up much space):
    • 3 Short sleeve onesies
    • 3 Pairs pants (bonus if they have footies attached!)
    • 3 Pairs socks
    • Long sleeve shirt
    • Warm jacket
    • Hat
    • Mittens


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